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  1. ASSASIN HTTP BOTNET is the latest and the best non public downloader botnet version. It has spread of USB, Twitter, Facebook, Edit hosts, download execute, uninstall, update. In rar archive u can find: -CPANEL -SQL -Your personal virus bin (assasin.vbs) -antiCHROMEbind -AnimeBinder V2.1.3 cracked by Sersua3 1)DOWNLOAD PANEL to hosting, and change ur includes/config.php 2)import SQL to ur phpmyadmin 3)change assasin.vbs to connect bot to ur gate 4)with help of Animebinder(its very easy in use) bind your VBS virus to antiCHROMEbind.exe and then start to spread spread and spread :)/> (It will make ur virus to become .EXE file and undetected on chrome on win xp and win 7 x32 ) [hide][/hide] Have fun with this tool! I am creator!:cakeyplz:
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